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Workshop Proposals

The below workshops are geared towards young women ages 13-25 (and older).  Each workshop’s goal ends with discussing how to make steps towards reaching your full potential, while Embracing Your Difference. (Materials are provided by Embrace Your Difference, LLC)

12 Steps to Healthy Self Esteem (60 to 90 minutes) – This workshop incorporates everyday steps that can help raise our self-esteem.  In a world where image and social media have proved to have a huge impact on our young women, this workshop discuss ways in which we can build our confidence while genuinely feeling better about ourselves.  With light hearted, real scenarios that have you laughing but also thinking about how we sometimes get in our own way when it comes to our self-image.  This workshop will allow us to look at things differently with more confidence.


Finding Your Joy (60 to 90 minutes) – These days the word “Joy” isn’t used very often.  What is joy?  How can we obtain the joy that we have so desperately been searching for? Why haven’t you found your Joy?  This workshop allows you to dig deep within yourself to decide what next steps you need to take to obtain that joy in your life.


Authenticity & Vulnerability (60 to 90 minutes) – Are you that person who always preaches, “I keep it real, I keep it 100.”  What does that really mean?  Are you really an authentic person?  What does being an authentic person really mean?  Are you able to become vulnerable while still being authentic?  How do the two words relate to one another?  Who is your “Go To” What is a “Go To?”  This workshop will have you leaving asking yourself if you are being real with yourself and if you like who you look at in the mirror, and also if you have authentic people in your life.


So You Like Lil Poetry (60 to 90 minutes) – This fun loving workshop allows our participants to sit back and hear a few poems from my book, Because I am Different, while also taking a moment to write and recite a poem based on what they may be going through at the present time.  I take suggestions from the audience and pick out of a (hat, cup, hand etc.) which poem I should read.  This book has every type of poem you can think of, you name it, it’s in there!


Ready For Love (60-90 Minutes) – This workshop is based off the popular poem from my poetry boke titled “Because I Am Different”  this poem sparks the question on what real love is, and how in all honesty real love starts with loving yourself and loving God.  In this session we talk about standards, boundaries, and how loving yourself is Embracing Your Difference.


Embracing Your Difference (4 hours with breaks) – This conference style workshop entails all of the above workshops but ending with the focus of “what does it mean to Embrace Your Difference?”  We also discuss the importance of mentorship and giving back young ladies and men who need direction in all areas of life.


Keynote Address:  Embracing Your Difference – In this keynote address I talk about how I was able and am still Embracing my Difference.  I discuss my journey on how I started Embracing My Difference and where it came from.  From having a nervous breakdown and being depressed at a young age to my high school guidance counselor telling me to get my GED, this is just me being authentic with my audience to let them know it is never too late to reach their full potential.  I give different scenarios and interact with my audience so that they are not sitting through a long, dry presentation and/or keynote address.

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