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Couples Counseling

One of the aspects of this work that we love! The fact is that a couple is truly two individuals who connect and want to be in a relationship with one another. However; each individual comes in with their own past ways of being, upbringing and even trauma. We specialize in supporting clients in doing the intense healing work necessary to reconnect with themselves and also with their significant other. We cover all relationship concerns and push the individuals to dive deeper into different aspects in their lives that may cause different ways of being and show up in our intimate relationships. Some areas include but not limited to enhancing communication, healing from infidelity, blended families, trust, faith/spirituality creating deeper intimacy and getting back to the core of the relationship which is friendship. We support couples in creating a vision for their relationship and marriage. This takes consistency, discipline, and desire to want to cocreate a new relationship that you both deserve.

Vernon and Venice are both proud alum of HBCU’s. Since finishing school they both have been on a path to not only better themselves but to support others in the process. This path lead both Venice and Vernon to become therapist with over 15 years in the mental health field.

Venice is an author of three books “Because I Am Different” and “Embracing My Difference”, 2017 and the Self-Love & Self-Healing Workbook 2020. As a motivational speaker, and author; She has been highlighted as Lincoln University’s 40 under 40 and was recently recognized as an honoree for the 100 Women of Color in Connecticut.. Venice was also honored with the Black People Rock Award in November 2019. Also a Spiritual Life Coach, she has been the keynote speaker for various events in the East Coast on topics in relation to Mental Health, Self-Perseverance, and Embracing Your True Self.
Vernon is a certified Mental Health Trainer, Therapist, School Social Worker, Coach and Mentor who has dedicated his life to his community and family. Vernon was recently honored with the 100 Men of Color Award..

Venice founded Embrace Your Difference in the Spring of 2015, and Vernon joined in 2017. It now consist of therapy for youth and adults, couples and marriage counseling, various groups and workshops, along with mentoring and the annual Embrace Your Difference Conference. They recently launched their YouTube Channel, The Moore Conversation Series in February 2023 that discusses Mental Health, Healthy Relationships, Parenting, Living Your Best Life and “All The Things.” They are also co-founders of Embrace Your Greatness, a Youth Athletic Mentoring Program geared towards supporting and mentoring young men and women in sports and on the road to a college education.

Vernon and Venice have 4 beautiful children. They believe that through God, communication and a strong supporting cast, all relationships can endure and become great. You just have to be committed to the work and trusting the process.

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