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This is my motto in my practice and in life.  Finding balance and true happiness starts with self, and having a therapist that is a good fit for you is an ideal start.  I have experience as a life coach, with a realistic, empowering, and calming approach along with an authenticity needed to take charge in life.  Asking for help and seeking counseling is not always an easy step however it is the first step to reaching one’s full potential.
I take pride in the therapeutic relationship and strive to help my clients get to the next level of ideal change in their lives.
I work with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and anger as well as couples’ with relationship concerns in an effort to empower them to overcome any communication hurdles.  My methods focuses on one’s core feelings and the reasoning leading to those emotions while building a foundation of steps used to cope and make positive strides towards change.
Lastly, many clients seeking empowerment and guidance are many times comforted by a spiritual approach, which I have provided to many upon their request.  This aspect of counsel is not a part of each session nor is it a necessary domination towards a successful healing process.  My number one objective is to provide each client with the lasting tools they need to obtain a peace like no other.

Life Coaching - Fulfilling Your Own Destiny

Are you overwhelmed with your day to day and do not know where to start to make a change?

Are you stuck in a looping emotional bubble where others are dependent on you however you are not able to take care of yourself?

Have you lost sight of your purpose and want to get back to the life you were destined to live?

If so, contact me for a free life coaching consultation. This is the beginning of the rest of your life, take charge of it!

Clinical Supervision

Embrace Your Difference Provides Clinical Supervision for those in the Mental Health Field aspiring to obtain their LCSW, MFT, or LPC. Please contact your Board’s Licensing Department to determine how many supervision hours you may need before sitting for your exam.

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