Foundation of a Man


In honor of Men’s Health Month, we are providing a 3-week workshop session for MEN ONLY that allows them the safe space to learn, share, heal and become who they desire to be.

With Foundation of a MAN you will:

  • Learn the foundation of who you are
  • Become aware of how your trauma and Mental Health affects you and those around
  • How to have more presence in your home and with those you love
  • Gain tools to release what’s been holding you back and gain the confidence to walk into your manhood
  • Become part of a community of like minded men
  • Receive a blueprint on how to handle and communicate with the women in your life…

And so much more!

For $149 you will receive 3 group sessions, readings/materials, homework, and a blueprint to hold onto.

It’s time for men to have the uncomfortable conversations to heal, grown and walk in who you are! It starts with YOU 💪🏽

Facilitated by: Therapists Venice & Vernon Moore