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Call us anytime
(203) 936-9213


We are excited to announce our Embrace Your Difference Couples Retreat!

The Theme: The Inner Work Continues.

Please join us as we support you in reconnecting with yourself and your spouse/and or Significant Other. We will have some very intense couples and individual exercises to support you in doing the healing work as you continue to grow within your vision for life.

If you’ve attended the Level 1 Retreat and thought the experience was life changing, you don’t want to miss Level 2!

The theme for Level 2 is THE TRUTH:
Trust. Respect. Understanding. Transparency. Humility.

Here we are going deeper and supporting you in co-creating the vision for your life and relationship. Our special guest, relationship guru Robert Pruitt is joining us to realign and recommit. Get ready to understand deeply what love truly means and for a new level of accountability.

(Remember, prerequisite is you must have attended Level 1 first)