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The Moores

Vernon and Venice Moore are renowned relationship experts and dedicated therapists with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. They are admired for their incredible story and for being life-changing, transformative millennial therapists.

As HBCU graduates, Vernon and Venice are fun, down-to-earth people who are dynamic speakers and passionate about inner work and supporting relationships/clients in the healing process to obtain growth and peace.

With a deep love for their work, Vernon and Venice are committed to helping couples and individuals thrive in their relationships and lives.

Moore About


“When I lost my memory and missed my freshman year of high school, my guidance counselor told me to drop out and get my GED. I told her, ‘No Ma’am, I am not giving up’.”
–Venice Garner-Moore

Venice Garner Moore, LCSW is a Bronx, NY native with over 20 years in the Mental Health Field as a Licensed Professional. Venice is a former Ms. Lincoln University and published her first book of poetry, “Because I am Different” at the age of 21! She has been featured by Black Enterprise, New Haven Register, North Haven Shoreline, 2019 100 Women of Color, 2020 Black People Rock Purpose Award and Lincoln University’s 40 under 40 Award among a plethora of other awards and accolades.

Venice lives her life by old adages, as “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle,” and Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?” Her favorite quote is, “Everyday is a good day, it’s just that some days are better than others.”

Venice received her Master’s In Clinical Social Work Degree at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work. In addition to being a Licensed Therapist, she is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach in which she received her Spiritual Life Coaching Certification from Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. Venice is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

In addition to being a therapist, spiritual life coach, 3 time author and motivational speaker, Venice’s experience includes working in therapeutic foster care & corporate special education, and has experience on the Executive & Senior Leadership Level. Venice took a “leap of faith” in 2015 and opened Embracing Your Difference full time as a mental health therapist and the CEO. She and her husband are known as Relationship Experts and supporting dozens of Couples each year heal and come back as a better version of themselves that has always been there but life got in the way.

Her recent books include, Embracing My Difference-Erasing Fear While Finding Purpose, is an inspirational book to encourage people to embrace challenges as a part of life and let go of fear to finally reach your purpose. In Embracing My Difference, Venice is transparent about her journey and speaks about key components to living a full life to embrace your difference and mental health. Her last book, which is The Self Love Self-Healing Workbook, was released July 2020 and supports people on their journey to inner healing and breaking patterns while completing exercising workbook style.

Embracing Your Difference, LLC. is a private practice & holistic wellness company in which Venice and her husband continue to motivate and inspire people through individual & couples therapy, self-esteem enhancement, young mothers & father groups, EFT facilitated workshops, post-partum groups, and LCSW Supervision. In addition she also supports businesses in helping leaders and supervisors maintain a healthy work life balance and become aware of certain life stressors surrounding their mental health. Venice and her husband also hosts the Embrace Your Difference Conference, Women’s/Men’s/Couples Retreats each year. She speaks in various cities promoting her books and to motivate, inspire, and help women/men and all young adults reach their full potential and embrace their differences through mental health & wellness. Venice is a mother of 4 and resides in Connecticut with her husband and 4 children.

Moore About


“If you can fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours’ is the earth and everything that’s in it, And- which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son!” -Rudyard Kipling

Vernon Moore, LCSW, Co-Owner of Embracing Your Difference, is an East Coast Native with strong ties to New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. Vernon is an active mentor, coach, and social worker. He currently coaches’ baseball and basketball and is a veteran basketball referee. Vernon also coaches his son’s soccer, baseball and basketball teams and never slows down when it comes to helping his family and community. Vernon has worked in the Mental Health field for over 15 years and holds various certifications such as Mental Health First Aid for Adolescents & Adults and Restorative Conferencing. As a therapist, his passion continues to be helping individuals and couples be their best and live their best. Vernon went to Clark Atlanta University and Eastern Connecticut State University for undergrad and earned his Master’s in Social Work at Springfield College with a concentration in Family & Children. As a recent Honoree of 100 Men of Color, Vernon prides himself on continuing to build himself and others through mentoring, therapy, and programmatic changes. Vernon lives in Connecticut with his wife and four children.

Embracing Your Difference, LLC. is a private practice & motivational firm in which Venice & Vernon continue to motivate and inspire people through individual & couples therapy, self-esteem enhancement, men/women/couples retreats, post-partum workshops/groups, LCSW Supervision and also a Mentoring Program. They also host the Embrace Your Difference Mentoring and Prayer Conference each year. As Founders of EYD, they speak in various cities promoting the importance of mental Health, mentoring and to motivate, inspire, and help women/men/couples/families and all young adults reach their full potential and embrace their difference.

Vernon and Venice have 4 beautiful children. They believe that through God, communication,
and a strong supporting cast, all relationships can endure and become great. You just have to be
committed to the work and trust the process.

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