I am delighted, excited, and thrilled to have you visit the website for “Embracing your Difference!” This website is to geared towards helping you reach your full potential, understand the importance of mental health, and hopefully empower you to be on your way to a more fulfilled life.

This website is geared for young women to read some poetry, get some tips about self esteem and other women issues, while also learn more about ourselves and others in the process.

The website also has information about our Individual/Couples Counseling, Mentoring and Life Coaching Program. Embrace Your Difference is to assist young women and men of all ages (because we are still young at heart and spirit) to reach our full potential. Whether you feel still or stagnant in certain areas of your own life, looking for a mentor/mentee, or you know a young adult, or family member who needs guidance, motivation or encouragement, this website can be a start of your life changing for the better in many different ways. One unique characteristic of the Embracing Your Difference Mentoring Program is that we align mentees to mentors from the ages of 13-25. I am excited to embark on this journey with you!

Continued Peace & Blessings

Venice R. Garner-Moore, LCSW
Author of Embracing My Difference

410 State St, Suite #7, North Haven, CT 06473