Venice at American Institute, West Hartford, CT February 18, 2014

Kim Colbert, Campus President, shared, “Ms. Garner-Moore’s message today about building self-esteem was really perfect for our student body. Many of us struggle with self-esteem issues on a daily basis, affecting the ways in which we deal with life’s crises and how we are or are not able to move forward and find success in our lives. Building self-esteem and gaining self-confidence are such important aspects of taking on a totally new career and training for that career. Ms. Garner-Moore spoke about several strategies for building up one’s self-esteem, and I believe her message was loud and clear, and exactly what our students wanted and needed to hear.”

Ms. Garner-Moore shared a personal story about how a guidance counselor in her high school had advised her to get her GED instead of completing the regular diploma after a particularly tumultuous freshman year due to some severe health challenges. She was able to turn that into motivation to overcome her challenges, and ended up not only graduating but going on to get two bachelor degrees from Lincoln University, PA in Journalism and Human Services, and received her Master’s In Clinical Social Work Degree at the University of Maryland, School of Social Work. She even published her first book of poetry, “Because I am Different” at the age of 21!

She has also launched a website ( to support and encourage others in their journey. Ms. Garner-Moore, a Bronx, NY native, and had this to say about today’s visit, “Coming to the American Institute today was refreshing and delightful! The students there were very reflective, asked good questions and gave good feedback. The environment was warm and inviting, and the message of positivity seemed to pass through everyone. I hope the students received as much out of the message as I did speaking with them.”

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