I wasn't in the best place in my life when I started therapy with Venice. I've opened up, I'm now more confident, and most importantly I'm happy! With Venice's help I have been able to resolve issues I've been too afraid to deal with head on and I am forever grateful. Thank you!

DB, Hamden, CT

In a world that has so much influence on superficial aspects, the Embrace Your Difference Conference allowed my group to realize that beauty is within and that I need to do more of embracing God’s purpose for my life. I am truly grateful to have attended such an amazing conference and be surrounded by such professional women who want to give back and beautiful souls taking it all in.

TR, New Haven CT

As a mother and a therapist sometimes I’m always moving and thinking quickly to take care of others but the Embrace Your Difference Conference refuels me and gives me permission to take care of me.

Sophia CoxTherapist, Baltimore, Maryland

During a time in which my I wasn’t sure if my fiancé and I would make it, we sought out Venice and her services. We were at a place of mistrust and barely communicated anymore. We have been seeing her for 8 months now and I honestly can say that this was the best thing my fiancé and I could have done to save our relationship ad prepare for marriage.

Abby and RonMiddletown, CT

The Embrace Your Difference Conference is revitalizing and uplifting!  Being around and speaking with the successful and accomplished women who attend the conference is a constant reminder that it is never too late to press forward to reach your desired goals. I’ve attended the conference as panelist, and each time, I have found myself in the role of a mentee. Although, I am there to give and assist, I often find that I receive the benefit of community, love, support, like-mindedness, and encouragement. The conference is a constant reminder that I am unique and have been blessed with specifics gifts that do not need to be compared to or placed in competition with others. The conference reminds me that the world is big enough for all to exist, and we are all able to pursue and conquer our goals.

Shari Fleming, Esq.Randallstown, Maryland

Although I only worked with Venice a couple of times. With her help I was able to make one of the most important decision in my life.

Thank you for the help and support.

ByronWest Haven, CT

I have been seeing Venice for the past 7 months, she is a wonderful therapist and life coach.  She is easy to talk to and gives great guidance.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking to benefit themselves and their lives.

KK, Pleased ClientNorth Haven, CT

Embrace Your Difference has done a terrific job at creating a space for both women and young girls to come together to receive positive affirmations, educational tools and resources as well as prayer and love. The best part is the experience is not over at the end of each conference. The founder, Venice Garner has been remarkable at aligning those in need of guidance with those in a position of influence via her mentorship program. I thought I would change the life of a young girl and realized I've been invited to this great platform to deliver change as well as be changed for myself each day of the year. Truly grateful to be a part of the Embrace your Difference Tribe.

Rashell EvansCEO of StatementJunky.com

I was very impressed with your program especially the speaker and mentors. Your program ignited my daughter to start back dreaming again and moved her to action in a step towards her dream. (On our way home she literally stop at staples and picked up some supplies and began to map out her vision.)  Thank You.

P. Meyers, Bronx, NYDirector, McCalls Funeral Home, EYD2016 New York Attendee

Once again I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful and inspirational event. Women in Society emphasize so much on looks that we lose focus on what really matters. Thank you for helping to remind us that we have a purpose in life and providing the necessary steps and resources to get where we need to be.

Anderson, Bronx, NYEYD 2015 & 2016 Attendee

My time with Venice has been well spent; we have been dealing with different aspects of my life and how to move forward from trauma, relationship issues, and most importantly how to deal with my children during the past year. Within the past year our family has been through a house fire, I was diagnosed with breast cancer , and I have lost my job of 13 years. She takes such a different approach always displaying empathy and never judging me for my thoughts or feelings. Being able to speak with someone who can help me with relationship issues as well as assist me with my professional growth has been a pleasure.

MSNew Haven, CT

Throughout this process I have learned a lot about myself. And I feel one of my most important lessons I've learned is that within reason everything is okay! - It's OK to cry, it is OK to be upset, it is okay to have emotions just don't let it consume you. I am thankful to God for putting Venice in my life as my therapist. I'm proud of the work that I have done and excited about the progress to come!

AH, Thankful ClientWest Haven, Connecticut
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