For Couples Only

While relationships are supposed to be happy, peaceful, and exciting, sometimes things may shift due to a plethora of factors that may affect the relationship.  I provide couples counseling for those with relationship concerns in an effort to empower them to overcome any communication hurdles, past hurts, or barriers that may be present in the relationship.  My methods focuses on one’s core feelings and the reasoning leading to those emotions while building a foundation of steps used to cope and make positive strides towards change in the relationship.

Couples Counseling is not easy, it takes a great deal of courage when taking the first step, and commitment in focusing on restoring the relationship.  This can take a great deal of time, and as long as you are committed, I am here to help!  I provide couples with lasting tools, guidance, and authentic feedback that will hopefully break the walls that have built up high into the relationship.

Lastly, the goal is restoration and peace!  The purpose of couples therapy is to bring you back to the friendship stage of the relationship, while restoring what is hindering the couple individually and together; to bring a sense of peace to the relationship.

Pre-Marital Counseling is also available to engaged couples to prepare them for next steps.  This is to ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship-giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.

Do you want to ignite the flame that blew out in the relationship?  Do you want to get over the hurt and pain that is holding you back with your significant other?  Do you want to confront some of your own fears and demons so you can be more present in your relationship?  Then call today to get more information on how you can pursue couples counseling!

Couples Retreats

Each year Embracing Your Difference holds Couples Retreats, in which couples come for a weekend of fun, relaxation, therapy, games, activities, and group counseling.  The goal is to allow you and your partner to have time to reunite and get away from the everyday challenges to focus on your relationship. These retreats are usually held from Friday to Sunday evening.  Below are what you would expect attending EYD Couples Retreat:

Building Communication


Games & Activities

Individual/Couples Sessions

Group Sessions

Couples Massage

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner- provided on different days (details in welcome package)

Raffles, giveaways and more!

Payment plans available.

For more info on the next couples retreat in 2017, please email or call 203-936-9213.

410 State St, Suite #7, North Haven, CT 06473