Couples Testimonials


“Venice truly takes the time to get to know her clients as individuals as well as a couple.  She has helped transform our relationship and provided validation, authenticity, support, motivation, and kindness as a therapist.  She wants to see her clients grow as individuals to then grow as a couple and has perfected the art of helping couples develop in both areas.  She provides a non-judgmental, safe space to talk, learn, and grow. I am immensely grateful for this experience and would recommend her to any couple or individual.”
JP- Hamden, CT
“Since the beginning when my partner and I began counseling, I have noticed a huge difference.  Our communication has improved, our fights have lessened, and our passion has increased.” KK, North Haven CT
“Couples Counseling has strengthened my four year relationship.  Venice took the time to know the in’s and out’s and problems that we faced in our relationship.  Through couples counseling we now have strengthened our relationship by learning and correcting our behaviors while being able to communicate more effectively.  I would highly recommend seeking Venice’s help if you are in a serious relationship and wish to better your life with your loved one. -Pleased Client, CT
“Venice is the best there is-period.  If you meet with her regularly and put in the effort, your life will be forever changed. She truly is one of a kind and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Thankful Client, CT
410 State St, Suite #7, North Haven, CT 06473