Because I Am Different

Venice R. Garner-Moore Celebrates First Volume of Poetry, Because I Am Different

Venice Garner-Moore’s Because I Am Different is a youthful, refreshing and honest volume of poetry reflecting the inner thoughts of a young, African American woman coming of age in urban America.  Venice has recited her poetry for a number of audiences including opening for renowned, legendary poetry, Nikki Giovanni.  With the utmost poise, Venice Garner-Moore brings her world to life and tactfully approaches controversial topics with elegance and grace.

With spoken word as her vehicle, Because I Am Different chronicles Venice’s journey of realization, reflection, and ultimately self-actualization.  Although her approach is a very analytical one, her poems are never hypocritical or judgmental.  In fact, Venice’s words inspire.  Some of her works such as “Be Yourself” is invoked by sheer honesty, as she encourages her audience to embrace individuality.  In such poems as “Education Is The Key,” Venice imparts some words of wisdom on the importance of knowledge.  In “I’m Thinking, “ the most innermost thoughts of a young woman are revealed, and poems such as “You Said, I Said” and “Ready For Love,” an audience favorite, explore the dynamics of young love.  “You will find poems that can relate to past and present situations, whether it be your life or a friend’s,” says Venice of her book.  “I know that at least some of the poems will speak directly to the readers.”

Share Venice’s world and discover pieces of your own, as Because I Am Different explores several contemporary issues such as love, relationships, pain, sex, respect, family AIDS, education, and God.

Venice R. Garner-Moore is a Bronx, New York native.  She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.  She has also been a contributing writer for Flyy Girl and Yardstyle Magazines.  Venice speaks in various cities promoting her book and to motivate and help women and youth reach their full potential.  Venice plans to further pursue writing by following up Because I Am Different with a novel and another highly anticipated volume of poetry.

Peace & Blessings,

In Because I Am Different, I wrote poems about how I was feeling at the present moment or about situations of those around me.  Even though I may not be presently feeling the same about some feelings, I know that somebody is, and therefore, can relate.  My intention was not to put a book together, but to put my words on paper and allow others to appreciate those words as the rhythm flowed and your heart opened.  People use to say, “Girl, you’d better put a book together, you have so many poems!”  I then decided to pursue it.  My dream is to have people read about the situations and messages and get something out of it.  As far as the love poems, be fulfilled when you read them.

Remember; never limit yourself in anything you do.  “Everyday is a good day, it’s just that some days are better than others!!” –Author Unknown


Venice R. Garner-Moore

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