Embracing My Difference

Have you ever felt like your challenges were so big that they would break you?  Or maybe feeling like you’re alone because you’ve been through so much? Do you believe you’re destined to fail, so why try anyway?  Well, it’s time to throw that mentality away!  YOU fulfill your own destiny, and YOU are the one responsible for your happiness.  This book will help you realize that with the help of God and believing in yourself, you will be able to Embrace Your True Self.  Reading this book, you will realize that no matter what you have been through, you have to go through it to get through it.  From identity issues, to the power of prayer, importance of mentorship, friendship and the struggles of being a mompreneur, Venice talks about how Embracing Your Difference is embracing all challenges and triumphs.  Venice brings the reader into her world in a transparent way that allows you to feel like you can embrace your difference too.  After reading Embracing My Difference, you will walk away ready to break through your barriers without feeling alone and fearful; while not being afraid to take charge to put things into effect to live a life you love with purpose.


EYD Conference 2018

About Embrace Your Difference

I am delighted, excited, and thrilled to have you visit the website for “Embracing your Difference!”

Embracing Your Difference, LLC. is a Private Practice/Motivation Firm that provides individual, family, and couples counseling, life coaching, groups and workshops.  Embracing Your Difference also holds the annual Embracing Your Difference Conference each year.  To book Venice to speak at your next event or receive a free counseling or coaching consultation please email

The website also has information about our Individual/Couples Counseling, Mentoring and Life Coaching Program. Embrace Your Difference is to assist young women and men of all ages (because we are still young at heart and spirit) to reach our full potential.


I wasn't in the best place in my life when I started therapy with Venice. I've opened up, I'm now more confident, and most importantly I'm happy! With Venice's help I have been able to resolve issues I've been too afraid to deal with head on and I am forever grateful. Thank you!

DB, Hamden, CT

In a world that has so much influence on superficial aspects, the Embrace Your Difference Conference allowed my group to realize that beauty is within and that I need to do more of embracing God’s purpose for my life. I am truly grateful to have attended such an amazing conference and be surrounded by such professional women who want to give back and beautiful souls taking it all in.

TR, New Haven CT

As a mother and a therapist sometimes I’m always moving and thinking quickly to take care of others but the Embrace Your Difference Conference refuels me and gives me permission to take care of me.

Sophia CoxTherapist, Baltimore, Maryland
410 State St, Suite #7, North Haven, CT 06473